Master List

The Master List is a brain dump I started in the middle of the night one night. It was all the ways I could think of to be more self-sufficient, healthier, and easier on the environment and the economy. Many items need significantly more research. It is not organized at this time. Things on it are of various levels of practicality and dubiousness. I have added to it. I may subtract from it, reprioritize, categorize and reorganize as time goes on.

☐ Water Heater Efficiency Improvements (Turn down temp to start?)

☐ Reduce AC/Heat (Schedule Heat and reduce AC in summer)

☐ Appliance Efficiency Improvements

☐ Clothes line/drying racks? (HOA doom)

☐ Rain catchment/greywater system

☐ Lightbulb reduction/LEDs (I think most are LEDs or whatever now?)

☐ Improved Toilets

☐ Improved Heat Efficiency

☐ Solar Panels/roof shingles?

☐ Any way to improve insulation/weathering of house?

☐ Utilize side yard space for fruit trees or bushes?

☐ Compost bin

☐ Raised bed gardens and backyard space efficiency

☐ Vegetable Gardens

☐ Hay garden for the guineas

☐ Use of guinea and dog waste for composting?

☐ Shop at farmers markets

☐ Join CSA

☐ Canning/Storing Food

☐ Shop Consignment

☐ Repurpose/Reuse

☐ Better recycling

☐ Buy more locally (Chinook book)

☐ Turn driveway into gardening space or Deck for container gardening

☐ Plant on edge of alleyway?

☐ Bees?

☐ Rabbits for compost only (outdoor rabbits or guinea pigs?)

☐ Indoor hydroponic herb garden

☐ Indoor plants for better air quality

☐ Solar battery chargers for devices

☐ Potted annuals 

☐ Front yard possibilities-replace bushes with fruit and nut bushes? (HOA concerns again)

☐ Vertical Gardening

☐ Bird bath/winter only bird feeder

☐ Community gardens (on wait list) 

☐ Start Community Garden in cross the street space?

☐ Fireplace? Is it of any use?