Garden Progress Report

More Stuff Planted, and Spinach in Stasis?

Spring is here! Our frost date has passed and I am getting in gear.

I planted some radishes in my backyard bed.

My raised bed filled with soil and covered with bark mulch.

I planted carrots and green onions for the bed as well. (Also some peas, beans, and uh, I forget now. Some other stuff.)

A tray with 48 newly planted seeds.
Four trays of seedling planters on a black metal patio table. Each tray is covered with a plastic lid.

And I have this tray of spinach and lettuce that has been gestating in this tray since March 14. It took two weeks to see any growth, and then I did see some and I was excited! And then…nothing. Nothing has died, and nothing has grown any more. The plants you see still have their (what is the word?) starter leaves and have not grown or shrank and died or done anything for 2 more weeks? What gives? Any ideas? I am the first to admit I don’t know what I am doing.

My tray of spinach and lettuce barely startling.

Also, went zen planting a few things in pots. The wildflowers and marigolds are doing well in the terra cotta pot. Then have these other grasses and umbrella plant, which my son named “Jerod,” because, I guess, why not? These are ornamental, and were meant for maybe indoor plantings, but I felt like they were lonely and needed to be outside together with their friends.

My terra cotta plant has lots of green seedlings growing in it. There is a group of grassy plants and river rocks in a green ceramic pot. In a metal watering can, there is an umbrella plant.

Also, some of our perennial ornamentals that have been here since I moved here are in bloom. I do think about removing these eventually so more space for productive plants, but they’ve been with me a long time. I’m slightly (but no overly) sentimental.

I believe this is a rhododendron bush with bright red flowers.
A close up of a bright red rhododendron bloom.
I am unsure what type of flower this is. It looks a little like white lilac petals on a bush.

Next week, I will be working in the community garden (which now has water!). So, hoping to get some stuff going down there.

I have some thoughts about the Quarantine and how it has been affecting us as disabled people and how it relates to food access, and how disabled people are vulnerable to times like these but also very much discouraged from learning to produce their own food. Also, some thoughts on acreage real estate coming up, but I did want to get a little progress report in here before I forget all the stuff that has been done.


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